Christmas 2019

I’m so excited for this Christmas”, I said while we were brushing up to go to bed.  “This Christmas will be so great but I did not get good presents for everybody”.

“Mimi presents are not the main reason about Christmas it’s about being with your family and friends!” It was Christmas eve eve and we were brushing up to go to bed that night. We decorated Addison’s room with Christmas decorations. We brought in the fake Christmas tree to make it more festive and we put our presents for each other under it.

Chirp! I woke up from the sounds of the birds. It was warmer in Addison’s room.     Today was the big day because my Aunt and uncle and cousins were coming. My mom had to clean extra hard and quick! I realized that it was going to be the first time when Aksel was out of my moms tummy for Christmas!

Now I know that we all sometimes are not so great but everybody has there bright side.    It was Christmas morning and me and my sisters had to wait 3 hours until we could go down stairs to wake my parents up!  My sister Ali and I went down stairs to get our stockings,we got up stairs and opened them. I got some play dough, a sleep mask,candy, and some nail polish.

The three hours went by and I went to go get my sister and tell her that it was time to wake my parents up.    Addie followed us, “wake up”! “what is it”  “well it is Christmas of course” I said.   Then I ran to the Christmas tree and saw that Addie got a Giant mirror Almost taller than my dad!    2 hours had passed and my hole tree was empty!    I have always hated it when Christmas morning is over, but then you can see what you got and play with it.   This Christmas came real fast for some reason. I wish Christmas was every day but then it would take the fun out of it.   I don’t just like it  for presents I love it because of the countdown and the decorations and the movies the Thing I love the most is family time.

Merry Christmas 2019;)


At First Sight
By Amia Kennedy
It was a rainy day, and me and my sisters and I were all at home. My mom was getting a check up on her pregnancy,Ali was babysitting us because we were young,so my mom called after every 20 minutes”Hey guys I have something astonishing that is going to happen”
`“I’m having Aksel”(At that moment so much was going through my head) I did not know what to think ,I was soooo excited but why was my mom having the baby and then I realized that my mom was being induced and I knew that my mom was thinking first thing was that my mom did not want to be induced and 2nd that she wanted to have 2 smooth births (fyi I was the best birth)and that I wanted and did not want to go because my sisters were making hot chocolate
“Do you still want to go”my mom said
“Well…yes.. I do! then my mom texted Mrs. Kate (my friends mom)

And before I knew it, I was in Mrs.Kate’s car“Hey sweetheart let’s go to hannaford and get you some things to eat ,[and honestly I was so hungry for lunch!!]. I was in the gluten free isle and I found these delicious foods :cookies,fruit bars,and then for other things that were not in that isle were:mints,grapes and then something to do:crossword puzzle.”okay I think I’m done”

“Okee-do-kee”Mrs.Kate said . I actually thought about saying can i get candy but I already got some mints so.  About a couple minutes later…WE WERE THERE!! I literally was so excited I wanted to BARF( by the way, it’s just an expression because I was so excited), I can’t remember what my moms number was for her room? But I do know that she bumped a lady.
As me and mrs.Kate were walking Up the stairs I was thinking: this is the first time I will be at someone’s birth!! I could not believe my eyes, we were on the 2 level of the floor and that meant we were walking up the stairs , meanwhile when we were walking, I thought about when my mom actually told me that I was going to be an older sister

“Hi sweetheart” said my mom
“Hi Mom,I am so excited for this”!? As soon as I sat my stuff down I started to ask questions?
“When are you going to have him” why, why ,WHY!!!!”a lot of time has passed since I stopped asking questions!
My mom had to get this thing done I don’t know why? So this lady (one of the nurses) walked around with me and we talked about my mom and my life it was pretty nice just saying everything on my mind then.
I wondered if she was judging me when I said everything that was on my mind after my mom got whatever she had to get done a while later my mom started screaming and screaming at 12:00 at night while I was sleeping uh 🙁 so my mom woke me up 3 times 1 time at 12:00 then another time at 1:00 and 3:00 so i only got 3 hours of sleep but it was worth it then the most awesome thing had happened
AKSEL Was coming you would think it is disgusting,well it is because of some of the blood but the people told me and my dad told me that it was natural. I gotta put Aksels first diaper on him and cut the cord(If you don’t Know what the cord Is It Is the thing that connects to the mother and the baby)

It was so cool my uncle came and saw Aksel It was so squished like a giant in a human car!!( I honestly think you should be there at your sister-brothers birth cause you get to experience one in a lifetime thing cherish moments!)
After that Mrs.Kate picked me up “hey kiddo,how was it”
Oh it was awesome I ate so much cookies and mints and I played games”
“Great “
“Well I do have a full stomach”.
A couple minutes later we were at my house and then I realized when I got in my bedroom that was brave! Then my sisters,
(Ali and Addie asked my about my time I said it was good and I told them that I video taped Aksels birth it was a little interesting but I was glad that I went to Aksels birth cause if I did go then I would never have been completed and I would not know what I would do if that happened, it seemed crazy to them but i was there at birth and like I said before I was brave I told them”I am brave”!